Things to remember while appearing for IELTS Writing Module

You might have a spiffing vocabulary and a good hold on grammar but putting down a grammatically correct sentence is not enough to get you an 8+ score on the IELTS exam. There is more to this than meets the eye! The IELTS writing module is to gauge the candidate's aptitude of how well that person can elucidate the response, put on one’s thinking cap and come up with grammatically correct ideas. To put it briefly, you must be able to show that you can express yourself nimbly and eloquently. 

This module consists of two tasks. For the first task, you need to describe your thoughts and articulate your response in not less than 150 words. Encapsulating the graphic representation in your words with a good choice of vocabulary is one of the crucial points to remember. The second task evaluates how lucidly you can present your opinion, for and against, based on the topic given in the question. Pore the list of points mentioned below that will help you score better.

Pro-Tip: Eschew continual use of one word repeatedly. Instead, use suitable synonyms, modal verbs, and expressions that will show your command of this language. 

Remember, your ideas will be appreciated if you can express them well. Confusing your argument and standpoints will detract you from scoring well on your test. Work on these tips and practice your strategy meticulously. Preparing beforehand and putting your mind to these weeny details will surely lead your way to the job. You will do great!