Understanding The Keywords In An Ielts Writing Test Is Crucial

“The greatest part of a writer’s time spent in reading to write. A man will turn over half a library to make a book.”

Samuel Johnson, Author, English Writer

In any English writing, such as essays and articles, focusing on the examiner’s topic’s keyword in the question asked is essential in coming out with the best write-ups. The reader can conveniently relate to and understand the content written by you.

The answer lies in the question itself! The question and the keywords in it must be valued, stressed upon and understood well in advance in the Writing section: question-based essay writing. It will also support you in giving that perfect answer or essay writing that the reader or examiner wants and is looking for. You can identify the keywords in the question relatively quickly, which will positively impact the overall structure and content of the essay writing.

Some essentials in recognizing the keywords in the question in any English writing or the Writing section of IELTS that can turn out to be a key in the content for you are